The Complete Python Masterclass: My Journey Towards Learning Python

The Complete Python Masterclass: My Journey Towards Learning Python

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Ashutosh Mishra
·Dec 20, 2021·

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Python is my favorite programming language since the beginning of my programming journey. However, I didn't spend enough time learning it properly. My journey took me from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript route.

However, I am restarting the Python course called The Complete Python Masterclass I bought 3 years ago on Udemy but never finished :)

Here's the link to the course, in case you're curious to know. It's the best Python course I've found online, so if you wish you can certainly enroll in it.

The course covers the core Python concepts like -

  • Basic Python Concepts(variables, strings, user input, maths, etc)
  • Control Structures in Python
  • Functions and Modules in Python
  • Exception Handling and File Handling in Python
  • Some More types in Python
  • Functional Programming in Python
  • Object Oriented Programming in Python
  • Regular Expressions in Python

Apart from that, the course also touches -

  • Tkinter
  • Database apps with Python and PostgreSQL
  • File Compression
  • Data Analysis
  • Django
  • Flask
  • Web Scraping
  • Image Processing
  • Automation etc.

Not to forget this is a project based course and to validate your learning you'll build projects like Calculator, Password Manager, QR Code Generator, Video Downloader, Expense Manager, Facebook Autoposter, etc. while following the course and you'll also be challenged to build certain advanced projects on your own.

Currently, there are 9 projects in the challenge which you've to build on your own. So if you completed the whole course sincerely, you'll build a total of 23 awesome projects enough for you to become a Python ninja.

I'll document my whole learning journey in a series of posts and share what I learn here on my blog. So if it sounds interesting follow me to not miss any post in the series.

Happy Coding!

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